i am a poor wayfering stranger

so i'd completely forgotten about this little badboy, but i've decided to give it another go and really really stick to it this time. so it's the new year and i've already done the obligatory evaluation of the past year. 2012's been interesting the say the least, new schools, new friends..a lot of changes, some with good outcomes, others not so good. but looking forward to the new year, i'm going to bully myself into being more motivated and commited to school work amongst other things. still undecided with what i want to do with my life after my last year of sixth form, which is strange seeing as i'd been planning everything since i was about four, but things change and the future is never set in stone. i guess that's what makes it so scary/exciting/daunting. so now that i'm done with that little slice of cringe i'm off to fill my weekend with pizza and wine with my favourite people.

here's a few pictures for y'all.


thank you for taking your time reading about my world.
i'll answer any questions you might have.