love is wasted on you and you don't have a clue

so today was pretty sunny and got me thinking more and more about what everyone will be wearing when the weather (hopefully) gets warmer. i must be one of a dying number who actually enjoy the seasons in the uk, everyone else seems to be moaning that it's either too cold/wet/windy/hot/humid but i love the fact we can actually take full advantage of the seasons and i think the transition from winter into spring is my favourite, chunky knits over floaty skirts and thick boots with bare legs are a must. but saying that i'm the kind of person that would bring boots to africa, or some ridiculously hot country, sandals really are not my thing at all! but anyway getting back to the point, i've be searching and searching on ebay/amazon/asos marketplace/everywhere for the perfect pair of dungarees. yes, dungarees like the things your mum probably put you in to go to nursery in, i need a pair desperately and although i've bidded on ebay and all that jazz i keep losing out to another wannabe toddler again. i've been looking out for short ones whilst i've seen a fair few in topshop they're not the kinda ones i want and i am not gonna pay topshop prices when i can get some that are nicer and cheaper, if worst comes to worse i could get these from primark and cut them, but i haven't seen them out yet. i know they're not everyones cup of tea, and i probably haven't sold them very well by reminding you all of what fashionistas we probably all were in nursery but they were everywhere in ss 10 so i'm thinking of it as a revival a la alexa. so i've made a couple of sets on polyvore (which i'm new to, i know bad ellie) experimenting a little with the said item, so let me know what you think.


i am a poor wayfering stranger

so i'd completely forgotten about this little badboy, but i've decided to give it another go and really really stick to it this time. so it's the new year and i've already done the obligatory evaluation of the past year. 2012's been interesting the say the least, new schools, new friends..a lot of changes, some with good outcomes, others not so good. but looking forward to the new year, i'm going to bully myself into being more motivated and commited to school work amongst other things. still undecided with what i want to do with my life after my last year of sixth form, which is strange seeing as i'd been planning everything since i was about four, but things change and the future is never set in stone. i guess that's what makes it so scary/exciting/daunting. so now that i'm done with that little slice of cringe i'm off to fill my weekend with pizza and wine with my favourite people.

here's a few pictures for y'all.


if we take this bird, with it's broken wing.

i'm desperate for a pair of chelsea boots, i've wanted them for years they always remind me of my granddad. so many thing's i want at the moment and so many things i can't have, boo hoo. sixth form has been crazy, changed schools twice since september, so now i'm finally settling in to a whole new school without knowing a single person. but i've met some lovely people and i feel it's gonna go well. i've also started back at drama and doing my LAMDA exams as well as 4 AS', so i'm busy busy busy. glad i'm getting this blog up and running again, feel like it suits me now...oh lord want some crackers with that cheese!? anyway i'll keep you posted guys, have a good day.

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new beginnings.

yeah so i've deleted all my old posts as i've made myself a little promise to keep this blog on track seeing as i never have. so out with the old and in with the new, my old posts were kack and had no real structure...but don't get your hopes up, i'm not an amazing writer. i'm just gonna be talking about life, fashion and whatever takes my fancy really. so yeah enough babbling about that now, it's nearing the end of summer now and to be quite honest it's been a bit rubbish, friends-wise. i had an amazing holiday to barbados and saw rhianna at the carnival which was a personal hightlight of mine, i went to v festival which was insane good although rhi rhi did disappoint me...chase and status on the other hand, oh my lord they were amazing and eminem i don't think it matters what kind of music you're into, you'll always relate to one of his songs, the crowd was increds. ah, yeah so i'm off the sixth form next year, results on thursday were emosh, i wish i'd worked harder but ah well. three A's, two B's and 3 C's and then there's results from some early entries from last year so don't think i only did eight GCSE's. so yeah ramble over, now i've also got a nikon D3000 for my birthday so i'll finally be able to upload some proper outfit posts and all that jazz. so yeah, hope everyone's had an amazing summer and are all pleased with your A-level and GCSE results and i'll keep you all posted, kisses!